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About us

The association Nebadonia is non-profit environmental-creative organization founded in 2015. Term Nebadonia is a personal name of a local universe (including Planet Earth), Mother Spirit, which refers to the term The Holy Spirit.
The goal of the association is to encourage healthy way of life on every level of existence. It includes physical and mental health, encourage and promote creativity, development of one’s potentials and spiritual development of each human being raising him to higher vibrational level.

What are the activities of our association?
The members of Nebadonia make healthy sweet and sour meals, snacks, finger food, juices and natural cosmetics based on honey, using only ingredients from their own eco production that will satisfy every palate.
Through stories, messages, paintings, poetry and photography, our members will bring you closer to the existence of other worlds and dimensions of reality different from this one here on Earth. Art photographs, hand made stone sculptures and products made from felting the wool, colloid silver, these are all products you can order in our association.
Nebadonia also organizes spiritual lectures, healthy vegan cooking classes and workshops of natural cosmetics. With our work, we wish to encourage every individual to discover his own talents, to develop them and enrich his and lives of others. On that way, we are spreading the faith in more beautiful, richer and happier life of all people on this planet of ours.

Where you can get our products?
Nebadonia still doesn’t have its working place to present its products. But you can find us on eco markets all over Zagreb. Any product you want, you can order it by web and it will be delivered on your home address.

How can you become a member of our association?
Anyone can become a member of Association Nebadonia. All you have to do is ask for membership car din our association. We offer you two types of membership:

  • Membership card of a buyer which you can use only as a buyer of products in our association (yearly fee is 40 kn)
  • Membership card of exhibitor which you can use to buy products and to exhibit your own (yearly fee is 150kn)

All events related to work of association you can follow on web and facebook page and also subscribing to our newsletter:



Looking forward to see you in Association Nebadonia!