Chemtrails and bases in the sky

Very often, when there is a protest in a city, there are attempts to try to lower people’s consciousness, so that they could continue to be obedient slaves who don’t realize what is actually going on. One of those attempts are chemtrails. Shortly before yesterday’s protest against corrupted government, chemtrails started to show in the sky in a large number. It became ordinary to see white trails in the sky on a daily basis, but black traces are much rarer.

Black particles of dust were falling down during this whole event, and they could be seen with a bare eye. Those same particles were used to lower the consciousness and at the same time to create in people apathy and inertia. Ultimately, the trails transformed into two prongs of the monster, which was created in the sky from all of that. The rest of the monster was hidden in the clouds, what wasn’t very nice scene. You would’t want to see it.

However, on the other levels, there is a process of cleaning those appearances going on by beings of light. Except many ships around the Earth, there are numerous bases of Galactic Federation of Light in higher layers of atmosphere. They are bases in the sky. I remember a visit to such a base few months ago, to be exact, it was October 2nd, 2015. Few smaller ships landed to the surface of the Earth. They are some sort of scout ships. There were few beings who welcomed me and among them was also my twin flame. Together we flew to the base in the clouds. The big platform was there as a airdrome for smaller ships. There are many bases like this one. I got out of the ship and stepped on the edge of the platform. Thick clouds were suddenly cleared off and I had a perfect view down towards the Earth. One of the purposes of the bases and the ships on them is dealing with the appearance of chemtrails. There are many „sectors“ on ships and bases engaged in various tasks. Whether it’s about rescuing, defense, cleaning of the planet, healing, researching etc. Before my arrival to Earth, one of my missions was defense, protection and rescuing. But more about that in an other story.

Chemtrails were very quickly resolved. In the whole 15 minutes. The sky was completely clear again and the beautiful sunset appeared on the horizon.

That’s all briefly for now.

Sarahel (written: 21.2.2016.)