Spiritual world of light

Lord Ashtar Sheran Adonai & Lord Sananda

Spiritual world does not insult or judge.

Spiritual world does not underestimate or humiliate anyone.

Spiritual world does not impose its attitudes or mock.

Spiritual world does not demand followers with various sorts of intimidation.

Spiritual world is not a manipulation, complication and competition.

Spiritual world does not exert any kind of agression toward man.

Spiritual world is pure light, love, harmony and joy.

Spiritual world is recognizable by being SIMPLE.

God Father-Mother does not call the man unconscious individual, but their loving child.

God Father-Mother loves unconditionally every man, no matter he was a saint or a prisoner.

God Father-Mother loves unconditionally every man, no matter colour of his skin, age or sex.

God Father-Mother is grace, gently placing every man on the right path when he goes wrong and supporting every man who lives in his heart the only way, the way of love and unity.

God Father-Mother is in every man’s heart and from that heart, spiritual and physical, a man feels what is the truth, and what is a lie.

Right from the heart, a man hears the word of God Father-Mother.

For only when the mind is quiet, the voice of the heart speeks. And nothing from the outside will never replace and overcome what is within.

God Father-Mother gave two simple principles: Faith and Truth. Everything arises from that.

The time has come to live those two principles from the heart.

Time of concealment and amnesia is over.

This is the time of truth and remembering.

This is the time of UNITY AND COOPERATION.

And as a proverb says „Earth swore to Heaven that all secrets shall be revealed“

Thank you, dear God Father-Mother, because Your and My Will are One. Amen.

Suzana Sara Jurišević (written: 14.2.2016.)