Elves and Trees

DSC04026 DSC03996

Every planet has its elves. Long time ago, human and elvish world lived in harmony. But, with the fall of vibration came human shutting down and separation from nature, and finally total oblivion that elvish world ever existed. It would eventually linger in children’s fairy tales, programming them from an early age, that elves and fairies are merely a fiction.

With merciless destruction of natural resources of planet Earth, the elvish world pulled back to a safer place, still leaving messages to the ones who were open hearted to hear them. The spirits of the nature are always giving you signs that they are present. If you take a walk through the woods, you can always meet some elf or a tree which takes on quite an unusual forms. You can see clearly his face, just like this guardian on the picture, who holds a scepter in his numerous branches or better say, hands.

The trees are the guardians of the forests and significant portals. Listening to the murmur of their treetops, you can hear the messages. Those messages say that the time of the unification is here again.

On other planets, it is totally normal that trees can move freely wherever they want. They are not static, standing in one place. By falling of vibration on Earth, the trees also lowered their vibration, so did the animal world. But, the time of their sacrifice is over and they can return in their full glow again.

Sarahel (written: 25.1.2016.)