City on the Moon

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Scientists on the Earth often present Moon to the people as one empty satellite with nothing on it, but that really isn’t like that. My journey from last night took me right to the Moon. Big, vast city was lying on that side of the Moon we usually can’t see from the Earth. A meadow and a forest around it are green, but such green colour you can’t find here on Earth. It literally shines as well as the small balls of light merrily playing on the meadow, going in and out of the forest. The sky above was almost clear blue, and in the distance there was planet Earth.

I sat on the meadow for a while, watching the scene of playful balls of light. And then, in the distance, several beings from different star systems, started approaching and among them was my twin flame. His star name is Ellistar. I meet my twin flame every night, but in different dimensions, planets, space ships.

He took my hand and together with the others, we headed towards big city. All the buildings in it are white and dome shaped with big central square where there is a landing for smaller space ships. The landing site is oval surrounded with park and plenty of flowers in it. Right next to the landing, there is a dome in which we entered. That building is some kind of a control tower for entering and exit of the ships from the Moon.

Our space ship, that will take us to Earth, was waiting for us on the landing. We all entered the ship together.

  • Why is the city on the Moon invisible to the people on Earth? I asked
  • The time here is not linear as it is on Earth and this is another frequency, so people from  Earth can’t see the city, they answered.

After only three minutes of travelling, we were already on Earth. The ship was flying above the sea, and in the distance, I saw a city. We circled the valley and the hills near the city, but then came the time to say goodbye till the next night.


Collection of stories: Messages from dreams © (written: February 7th, 2016.)