Cities on motherships

grad na brodu

On the starry sky, every night there are different kind of lights. Those are the lights of motherships of Galactic Federation of light, which are watching over the Earth.

Motherships are very complex structure. They are something like planets. There are levels or sectors inside them such as healing sectors, sectors for plants and animals from all parts of universe, education sectors, control rooms, hangars for smaller ships.. and among others, there can be found beautiful, light, cristal cities.

There are various types of such cities on every ship, and they differ also with their location inside the ships.

On this image that I painted, you can see one cristal city on the mothership. It is located somewhere around the middle of the ship. There are many different plants around the city, among which beautiful flowers stand out. Its dimensions are far larger than the ones on Earth, and the colours are dazzling shades. Flowers don’t grow in the soil, but floats like the rest of the plants. There are many water channels and waterfalls around the city in which you can often see dolphins and other unusual, galactic beings swim, jumping happily from one channel to another. Waterfalls flow without beginning or the end.

Surrounded by plants and water, cristal, light city rises. Every cristal city is created from, transmits from its peak the energy of golden light, towards the golden dome which surrounds it. Cristals are alive, city is alive to oso it transmits the energy of golden rays of light. Above it, there is a sky overflown with colours.

In one such city, I used to reside many times before my incarnation on Earth. Now when I’m on Earth, I can visit it every night, whenever I wish, during my sleep.

All people who would like to after the announcement, will be able to visit motherships and their beautiful cities.

Sarahel (written: 17.3.2016.) Collection of stories: Messages from dreams©