Keshe Magrav – confessions of savings

Experience 1

Here is one confession story by Keshe Magrav customer reporting saving up to 25% for now and expecting even more as unit is plugged in.

“January energy bill: 25% savings. My father’s new bill after one month. Conditioning is now done and the bill will drop further I presume. This is 25% savings, and is less than any previous winter month in the last year. Thanks Dad for testing and reporting back. Many more good results to follow.”


Rest of development and results follow here:

Experience 2

New example of savings from another customer using Magrav unit and statistics from energy supplier
Dec 2015. – average daily consumption 69Kwh
Jan 2016. – average daily consumption 49Kwh
Feb 2016. – average daily consumption 27Kwh

jan-dec feb2016

Direct link and post:


Experience 3

The Magrav power supply after 3 weeks of training giving us our first free power.
Two laptops and two cellphones are charging while the meter measures no usage of power from the grid. In video attached, user even mentions that power meter is even turning backwards.


Experience 4

The days with 0 watt consumption are becoming more and more frequent as this user reports by using Magrav unit in his household. Original story in link below.

magrav 0kwh