Colloidal silver

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Colloidal silver is made by electrolysis of 99,99% silver in distilled water. Particles of that ionic silver are so small that they are dispersed in water, and that is called colloid. Concentration is measured in ppm. In order to stay healthy, which is its natural state, our body needs certain amount of ions of silver. Colloidal silver in organism acts in a way to „recognize“ unwanted bacteria, fungus, viruses and literally smothers them by taking their oxygen, and eliminates sick and damaged cells in natural way. Ions of silver have a potential for encouraging the creation of new stem cells, which by bloodstream come to the place where they are necessary. Colloidal silver does not percipitates in the organism, and its recognition is also the selection between pathogenic and healthy bacteria, fungus and penetration into the deepest parts (let us take an example that the particle of ionic silver in ratio 1:7000 of red blood cells). It succesfully heals 650 different diseases. When using colloidal silver, there is no resistence or fear of phenomenon of „blue skin“, which used to appear while using silver salts, or silver nitrate. Medicine in medical practice, with many scientific research in treatment through history, confirms the usage of colloidal silver and its benefits.



DAILY 3 x 10ml of 30ppm

With existing problems for faster uplift of immune system

3 days 30ppm 3 x 150ml

3 days 30ppm 3 x 100ml

3 days 30ppm 3 x 70ml

Continue with the dose of 3 x 50ml of 30ppm, until the stabilisation is achieved, and then continue with preventive dose of 30ppm.


Drink certain dose half an hour before meal.

10 minutes after usage of colloidal silver, don’t drink carbonated drinks.

Gargle for 1 – 3 minutes, then swallow.


With children, the dose is 2 ml of colloidal silver per 1 kilo of body weight, recommended of 5 ppm.

Colloidal silver is not diluted with distilled water. It can also be used:

– by rubbing into skin

– putting the compress

– with drops

– by spraying

With facing decubitus and wounds, best effect is colloidal silver of 100ppm, no matter if you use it as a compress or putting on the skin, with oral use of preventive dose.

Colloidal silver is recommmended for animals and plants, as for keeping the hygiene. Colloidal silver of 25ppm destroys all patogenic bacteria, fungus and viruses in less then 6 minutes.


Spend in optimal term of 3 months. Shake before use.

Keep away from the source of radiation from TV, mobile device etc.

Don’t keep in refrigerator.

Don’t put in warm beverages and meals.

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