Martelina by Mario

Since I was a little boy, I liked to „ recycle“ the wood
so I used to collect ice cream sticks that turned later
into bird houses, little boats..
Later, as I grew older (and skilful),
wood and stone combined and that connection
lasts till today.
And you can’t miss stone in Dalmatia,
everywhere I look there are old churches, stone houses,
lighthouses and everything around me is my inspiration.
Only stone is stuborn, and our old folks know that the best,
when they had to carve each stone by hand.
Well, in their honor, there’s the name, Martelina, the old chipping hammer.


We present the work of our young artist from Split that works in stone. His work is very inspiring and effort and images speak better than words. When you create from the heart, with love, the results are always stunning and beautiful! We want to encourage all of you to create from the heart, to do what is most fulfilling and so inspire others around you.