Prayer of love and gratitude to God Father/Mother

„I AM the light, love, peace, harmony and abundance of this world. I AM what I AM and thank you beloved God Father/Mother for all the blessings of divine love. Your will and mine are the one = AMIN NORA DE SAN.“

Elves and Trees

Every planet has its elves. Long time ago, human and elvish world lived in harmony. But, with the fall of vibration came human shutting down and separation from nature, and finally total oblivion that elvish world ever existed. It would eventually linger in children’s fairy tales, programming them from an early age, that elves and Read more

Chemtrails and bases in the sky

Very often, when there is a protest in a city, there are attempts to try to lower people’s consciousness, so that they could continue to be obedient slaves who don’t realize what is actually going on. One of those attempts are chemtrails. Shortly before yesterday’s protest against corrupted government, chemtrails started to show in the Read more

City on the Moon

Scientists on the Earth often present Moon to the people as one empty satellite with nothing on it, but that really isn’t like that. My journey from last night took me right to the Moon. Big, vast city was lying on that side of the Moon we usually can’t see from the Earth. A meadow Read more

Animals - our friends

For people trapped in low frequences 3D reality, it can be very difficult to understand that killing and eating animals is not the real human nature, it has all been imposed. Eating meat is just one of the reasons that make people aggressive and fractious, fighting and accusing others all the time. Amongst them is Read more

Spiritual world of light

Spiritual world does not insult or judge. Spiritual world does not underestimate or humiliate anyone. Spiritual world does not impose its attitudes or mock. Spiritual world does not demand followers with various sorts of intimidation. Spiritual world is not a manipulation, complication and competition. Spiritual world does not exert any kind of agression toward man. Read more

Unity of hearts

In these times, it is really important that hearts of all lightworkers, present on planet Earth at the moment, unite in one. The knowledge given to each lightworker should be used for the highest good. But, some of the lightworkers have lost their way starting to compete with each other and to exalt themselves above Read more