The collection of stories I called: Messages from dreams©, comprise around hundred short stories written from 2001. till today. Stories are written by my personal experiences that actually happened, but in another dimension of reality. They are my memories of past lives and missions which I, as a multidimensional being, performed on daily bases. The theme of the stories  are star travelers through space, but also through planet Earth. Every story has its course of events and they are all connected in one meaningful unity where various worlds and versatile beings intertwine.
Soon, you will be able to order collection of stories in printed form through non-profit organisation Nebadonia.


Cities on motherships

On the starry sky, every night there are different kind of lights. Those are the lights of motherships of Galactic Federation of light, which are watching over the Earth. Motherships are very complex structure. They are something like planets. There are levels or sectors inside them such as healing sectors, sectors for plants and animals Read more

Conversation with God

I always loved the sea, the sound of the waves and warm, summer sun. The soft sand under my feet, the smell of the pinaster, the seagull song in the sky. In the moments, it’s been only me and the sea. And then, the loud laughter brings me back to reality, reminding me that I’m Read more