About fat and which are the healthy ones for our body?

Fat are along with carbs and proteins, the foundation of our diet. We use them as a source of energy for the processes in our body and for its proper functioning. They make us feel full-fed, regulate production of hormones and they are the last ones to biodegrade.

There are good and bad fat. We can find bad ones in the products of animal origin, they raise the level of bad cholesterole, they are common cause of diabetes, weight gain and heart and vein diseases. Through the media, you can notice that especially lard is presented as tasty and recommended fat, but the truth is that it is extremely unhealthy, caloric and perishable compared to other fat. It is very available in the stores with the price. And also by using lard, we support abuse and murder of animals.

Good fat are healthy plant fat made of raw ingrediences from organic farming and processed with cold-pressed procedures. They improve circulatory system, have good affect on the brain, they make hair shinier, rejuvenate, regulate the sleep and many more. They can be found in plants and nuts. The most common and most healthiest oils are: olive oil, hemp oil, canola, cocnut oil and flax oil.

Flax is a natural, vegetal source of high concentrations of essential fat acids, diet fibres and many more nutrients. It contains linoleic, oleic and palmitic fat acid, and flax seeds are the best vegetal source of omega-3 fat acids (twice as fish oil). It favors normal brain function, as a prevention of atherosclerosis, good digestion, fights the inflammations, arthritis and many more therapeutical activities. You can use the oil in everyday meals, but not for cooking for its instability in high temperatures, while seeds can be use din healthy breakfast, bread, instead of eggs in meals etc.

Hemp is one of the healthiest plants on Earth. Hemp seed is a rich source of all 20 amino acids, including 9 essential ones. Hemp has a perfect ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fat acids which protect us from cardiovascular diseases. Hemp seeds strenghten immune system, lower the cholesterole and protect veins and many organs. It is very easy digestible. Hemp oil is not recommended for cooking or frying because all valuable ingrediences are destroyed. It helps to prevent high cholesterole and pressure, vitalizes, strenghten functions of the brain. It is perfect also for skin and hair care.

Coconut is a fantastic source of fat acids. Coconut oil lowers cholesterole in blood, it is very efficiant for everyone who wants to lose weight, excellent for cooking and baking. It is more than useful in body care, skin, hair and teeth care. Possibilities of its use are endless.

Avocado is inevitable in this group, it is recommandable for the health of cardio vascular system, helps to regulate blood pressurebecause of potassium, and is strong antioxiant because of vitamin E. Avocado oil is rich with essential fat acids which maintain the elasticity and vitality of the skin, and the fruit itself is very grateful as an ingredient in the kitchen for various and creative sour and sweet dishes.

When choosing an oil, we recommend for you cold pressed oils, that didn’t go through thermal process and didn’t lose healthy ingrediences. There are many fat of plant origin which are healthy and excellent for our body, that give us energy, that are tasteful in everyday meals so they can completely replace all the animal fat.

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