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Zalogajcic-FB_02_IMG_LogoZalogajčić promotes healthy eating educating children and adults about the importance of healthy eco food and vegetarian and vegan diets. We make healthy finger food and other savory and sweet snacks for your every occasion, event or party. Snack is always there for you.

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Zalogajčić was created with love towards preparing healthy and joyful meals. It was founded by Marijana, creative, self educated chef and Suzana Sara, gardener, in charge for suplies and her eco organic garden, two friends from college days.

Marijana: I always loved gatherings around the table because my whole childhood was like that so that’s why I have a desire to endulge my dearest and nearestwith creative and versatile meals. The greatest giftI could ever get is the smile on the faces of people who tasted those meals. Then I realized I want to make it not only a job, but a life calling. I want to make healthy, fresh and delicious food. All the passion and love I have in me, I put into my food. As a true explorer, I started learning more about many groceries of vegetarian and vegan kitchen. Suzana started cultivate her own garden in our neighborhood so that we wouldn’t have to buy so many vegetables in the market. Now we have our own vegetables and spices fresh from our eco garden every day and some things we don’t grow, we buy at local manufacturers and in that way we support local food production.

Our goal is to incite people to eat healthier and through our meals to inform themselves about some groceries they didn’t know exist. And then,of course to learn how to prepare them. We want to show how delicious vegan and vegetarian meals can be and that you can cook imaginatively, healthy and tasty without products of animal origin. We do love animalsvery much and we pledge for balanced  coexistence of people and animals. We also offer catering and bring changes into that field as well showing that finger food should also have healthy mark and be really delicious. Soon we planned to begin with workshops for kids and adults where we will show everything we learned about healthy cooking over these past years. We would like to point up how important it is to know where our ingredients come from because what we eat, builds our every atom. Therefore, food planted and picked with love and prepared with love and gratitude, gives our body health and vitality. We hope to encourage all of you who want to develop your talents, to go in that direction, to do what is your heart’s desire, because only the product of heart’s work is the real one. We are opened for cooperation with everyone who think this way. It is our opinion that cooperation and unity is the most important to achieve our greatest goal; and that is the planet as a beautiful place to live for every living being. Let’s start with ourselves and change the world to a better place!

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