Animals – our friends

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For people trapped in low frequences 3D reality, it can be very difficult to understand that killing and eating animals is not the real human nature, it has all been imposed. Eating meat is just one of the reasons that make people aggressive and fractious, fighting and accusing others all the time. Amongst them is a common assuredness that people who don’t eat meat what to impose their attitudes to them, which is, of course, far from truth…

That is indeed fight with themselves which is a result of deep fear, again imposed, that meat is the only source of food necessary for survival. And again forced false conviction that, when all animals would dissapear from the planet, most of the humanity would die. In the background of it all is fear of so called illusory death.

Every involvment in any discussion is waste of time in vain, because you will be dragged into unnecessary argument. But, you should’t resent them, there is no need for that. Rather enjoy and spend your day in peace and happiness. Love animals like they love you, unconditionaly.

Sarahel ( written: 10.3.2016.)